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Yangjing Beer (Guest Post)

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Yanjing Beer - The Beer of High Official Manifestations!

Yanjing Beer – The Beer of High Official Manifestations!

Yanjing is the latest Chinese brewed beer on offer at my local liquor store. A lager, the beer promotes itself as not only being the official state beer of China, but also the “Beer of High Official Manifestations”.

Although not (yet) a member of the party, the marketing claim imbued in me enough revolutionary spirit to drive a 6-pack towards the counter. The bottle is treated green glass and has a solid feel. A scan of the label reveals a mention of spring water and what is presumably some sort of China eco-friendly standard. The label refers to ingredients as “Raw Materials” which I thought was a nice touch, and like a few other Asian beers includes rice amongst those ingredients.

In pouring the colour was a decent golden hue – clear enough, little head to speak of, all up nothing special to look at in a glass. I thought the beer was over-carbonated and missing out in flavour. At 5.5% it had a bit of kick but lacked enough bitterness to disguise a slight alcohol taste. After 12 hours plowing under the Sichuan sun I could see this being a viable thirst quencher, however as a white collar worker I’ll be saving the fridge space for something a bit more refined.

Purchase Location: Liquor Park, 11 Beach Rd, Auckland, New Zealand
Manufacturer: Beijing Yanjing Brewery Co. Ltd.


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