I'm having a virtual garage sale to get rid of my junk (mainly clothing, and accessories but also other stuff). Come have a look for some great bargains!

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Can I pick up my order in person?
Yes – just select the appropriate option under shipping at checkout.
Local pickup is located in Abbotsford, VIC, Australia. Available pickup times will be select (most) weeknights and Sundays. You will receive a pickup address and available times by email after your order has been confirmed by me.

Please note the pickup is only free if you can grab your stuff within 7 days as my I am not an unlimited-space warehouse! If you are unable to pick up within 7 days, you can use the $1.50 handling option and I will hold your items for up to 30 days.

What is PPGIFT?
“PPGIFT” is a coupon code you may use to receive 3% off your order if you agree to pay by manual gift PayPal or internet banking (Australia only).

To take advantage of this promo, you need to enter the code “PPGIFT” at checkout, and then under “Payment Method” at the bottom of the checkout page, select “Manual Payment”. You will then receive instructions on the next page on how to make manual payment and will also receive an email with the same instructions. Your order will be confirmed only if you pay within 24 hours (or alternatively, if you know me personally, contact me to make other arrangements).

How do I contact you regarding an order or if I have questions about a product?
Email me: indie [at] nomsandrambles [dot] net or simply reply to an order confirmation email.

Can you provide product measurements and other specifications?
Because most of the items are so low priced, it wouldn’t be worth my time and energy to provide full measurements. I have described the size of the item and often the fabric (if notable) so that you can have a good idea of how it would fit. If you require more detailed information on an item that is priced over $10, please feel free email me (see above).

Can I try stuff on?
If the item you are interested in is priced $15 or over, please email me and we can arrange for you to come and try on.

Terms and Conditions:
– I’m not a business – I am just getting rid of some of my pre-loved belongings! Please keep that in mind :)
– If you use the “PPGIFT” coupon code but do not pay using the agreed method within 24 hours, your order will be cancelled.
– I don’t offer returns, unless there is a significant fault with the item that was not mentioned in the product description
– Prices are in AUD
– Postage within Australia is not insured (you can buy insurance at extra cost if you contact me). International parcels are insured up to $100 for orders under 2kg.
– If you do not select and pay for the correct shipping option for your country, your order will be cancelled
– In some cases for orders over 10 items, shipping calculation may not be accurate. You will be contacted on the off-chance this happens.
– Shipping pricing does not include shoeboxes – if you wish to take a shoebox (only available for Jeffrey Campbell shoes), you will need to select the local pickup option
– If you select the free “Local pickup” option, items must be picked up within one week of purchase. With the $1.50 pickup option (this is a handling/storage fee) I will keep your items for up to 30 days.

Other info
– If you put an item in your shopping cart, it is held until you check out, or remove it from your cart (when it goes back in stock) or the it expires and disappears from your cart. Please be considerate when shopping and do not hold items in your cart for too long unless you’re very interested! :)
– As of January 8, 2014, 11pm, I have set shopping carts to reset after 4 hours